Nichole McKee Cooper was born and raised in Southeast Mississippi with a non religious upbringing. She was Spirit filled in 2015 in a small Church of God in Franklin North Carolina. She sat under the teachings of Apostle Betty Love who helped to pioneer the use of flags and banners in the church in that region, as well as all over the country. At that time, and for more than a year, Nichole was also under the strict tutelage of Laurita Koll who is a trained dance instructor of Irish folk, Asian, modern folk, Jewish, liturgical, tambourine, and Vaganova ballet amongst other dance styles. Laurita has been indispensable in Nichole‚Äôs life as she has trained her in creating atmospheres, the use of flags, banners, streamers, etc., and how to use various techniques to deepen both her intimacy with God and to help others do the same thing.